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Better Business communication


Speaking English is a lifelong challenge. In this course we will attack that challenge in a proven positive and efficient way. You will not sit there and listen to someone speak all class long, nor will you memorize vocab and grammar. You will learn to understand and speak English from the moment class starts from highly trained native speakers in a business setting.

You will get an overview of English in a global business setting. In addition, the class will teach you E-mail writing, how to participate in meetings and have the confidence to give presentations in English in front of anyone, including foreigners. There will be opportunities throughout the course for everyone to take leadership roles and learn to express their ideas.
This immersive and fun environment will provide you with the skills necessary to advance in your career. Together we will build the foundation to make you a lifelong learner.



【Event Benefit】

We Institute understands that in today’s busy world, you don't have the time or energy to enroll in an intensive English or business course. We have selected the top skills necessary by the top international business that we train in Taiwan. These are the most requested and most needed. You will learn these skills in a fun and immersive setting without the high cost and long time usually required.

【Minimum requirement】

◎To enroll in this course we require at least a 500 on the TOEIC test.
◎This means that students are able to at least understand simple exchanges in everyday professional or personal life. They must be able to make self-introductions, give directions and request information. Great fluency is not required nor is the need to write detailed letters and reports.

【Event Content】

Topic Date Instructor Content  
一、E-mail Writing 10/4&10/9 Ting Su • E-mail Structure
• Tone & Register
We understand that it takes forever to write an English e-mail and you don’t want that anymore. In this block you will learn the basic email structure that all foreigners use. You will learn how to use the correct words in your email so that it gets results. We will practice how to shorten your emails to ensure that you get the results you want when you press send.
二、Meetings 10/11&10/16 Russ Jaimes • Preparing
• Running
• Closing
No more boring meetings and wasting time. In this block you will learn the best techniques to prepare for a meeting, facilitate the meeting, so that everyone is engaged, and that your meeting is productive. We will discuss various types of meetings and practice so that everyone gets an opportunity to moderate a meeting. We will also discuss how to handle the many problems that can happen in a meeting.
三、Presentations 10/18&10/23 Ting Su • Structure
• Opening
• Closing
StageFright! Standing in front of people and doing a presentation is fearful in any language especially in English. In this block you will learn the structure of presentations. You will be able to get your audience’s attention so they are not bored and maintain it throughout your presentation. You will also learn the logic behind presenting your ideas professionally.
四、Communication 10/25&10/30 Russ Jaimes • Life Stages
• Natural Disasters
• National Events
In communication expressing your ideas is very important. You don’t want to hesitate in a conversation and seem unprepared to answer basic questions. In this block you will learn how to describe personal life stages and talk about happy and unhappy moments in your life. You will also discuss natural disasters and how to prepare in the event of an emergency. Finally we will discuss national events all while learning how to make direct statements and modals.

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【Event Instructor】

★Name: Russ Jaimes

City: Boston,Massachusetts
In Taiwan: 6 Years
University of N.H.
B.A. Linguistics
Minor in Film Studies and
Computer Science

Training / Instruction Experience: 6 years
Sales and Promotions Trainer: GMR Marketing.
Teaching Training: Boston Language Institute
Students Taught:
Eva Airlines, Pfizer, Black Rock, Allianz, Prudential Life, ING, Standard Chartered, KPMG, Fubon, Taiwan Futures Exchange, Denwell Wedding House, Carrefour , Pure Yoga, P&G, National Taiwan University, Duke University, MIT, Taipei Inn Group, E’clat Hotel, Spey, Robeco Securities, Dior, Luxasia, Avon, Sisley Cosmetics, Tasa Meng Duty Free (Taoyuan airport); Bombardier Engineering, National Instruments, PIC Resorts (Guam), Umicore.. etc.

★Name: Ting Su

City: San Diego, California
In Taiwan: 9 Years
University of California Irvine
B.A. Sociology & Political Science
Minor in Digital Arts
Yonsei University (S. Korea)
Hong Kong University (H.K.)
Focus on Asian economics, politics, and sociology
NTNU (Taiwan)Mandarin Chinese

Training / Instruction Experience: 8 years
Executive Consultant / Headhunter
Students Taught:
ING, Prudential, Ernst & Young, Fubon Bank, Standard Chartered, Taiwan Futures Exchange, China Trust, PWC, Robeco Securities, Asia Pacific Telecom, Seednet, Baxter, Pfizer, China Petrochemical, Carrefour, 3M, Unilever, P&G, SPRG, Spey, Duke University, Harvard University, National Taiwan University, UCLA, Luxasia, Taipei Inn Group, Tasa Meng Duty Free (Taoyuan airport)... etc.


2012-10-04  18:40~19:40  24hrs(at every Tuesday & Thursday)


台北市 中正區懷寧街43號5樓(請由佶安美鞋店內電梯直接上5樓)


Please see the following Minimum requirement


4,800NTD/one person(The price includes teaching materials)



2.或電洽:  02-27363878  *539 莊小姐、  02-27363878 *136 黃小姐。

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